Magical Memories for Special Kids


What You Should Know

What you should know if you are dropping someone off or you are traveling on the Winnipeg Dreams flight:2011_Bella G Grp 14

Meet and Greet

If you live in Winnipeg (or close to the city) you will meet your group leader and other kids going on the flight about 2 weeks before flight day. You will see a presentation about the big day – your schedule, what to bring, and what to expect! The “Meet and Greet” is a good chance to ask questions, but if you have questions in advance you can also ask your contact person. If you live outside the city and have to stay in the hotel, you will go to your “Meet and Greet” the night before the flight.

What to Bring

  • If you take medication, please come with a 2 or 3 day supply.
  • Adults coming on the flight must have a passport.
  • All children should be dressed for warm weather in Orlando (capris pants or shorts and runners). Your group leader will provide Dreams Take Flight t-shirts, hats, fanny packs, water bottles, and sunscreen. You are able to leave a backpack on the plane for the day in case you would like to leave a fleece for arrival and departure.

Arrival & Parking

  • It is important that you are at the airport on time, because there are many things that have to be done before we leave for Orlando, Florida.
  • If you are accompanying a child on the flight, please validate your parking ticket inside the airport at the “Dreams Ground Transportation Booth”.
  • If you require a taxi to get to the airport please speak with your Dreams contact person for the Duffy’s taxi account. Call Duffy’s Taxi at 204-775-0101.
  • Children living outside Winnipeg will stay at the hotel and will be transported to the airport via bus. First bus departs at 2:45 am.
    Accommodations in Winnipeg (for out of town children only) – Please speak with your Dreams contact for more information.

Schedule at the Winnipeg Airport

  • Upon arrival at the Winnipeg (YWG) airport (3:00 am), please check-in at the children’s (alphabetically by last name) or adult check-in stations.
  • If you have medication please take it to your child’s group leader.
  • Proceed to your numbered  Group Muster Station where you will meet your group and Group Leader. You will receive your Dreams Take Flight t-shirt which will identify you as part of the Winnipeg group for the day.

At Disney WorldPlanning the day.

  • Children will be in groups of 5 or 6 with an Air Canada group leader and additional chaperones – depending on the needs of the group. Each group will go through Magic Kingdom at their own pace. Food, drinks, and lots of water will be provided. Each child will select a souvenir from Disney World. Please do not send money with your child.
  • Your group will stay together at all times during the day. You will have enough time to go on several rides and get many character autographs. Think ahead about what your most favorite things to do at Disney World will be – as your group leader will want to know – and therefore plan a day for all to enjoy.
  • Your group will meet on Main Street at 7:00 pm to begin departure from Disney World.
  • Group leaders will have cameras and there will also be photographers at Disney World to take group and “action” photos. Your group leader will create a photo album for your memories.

Back in Winnipeg

Parents can call Air Canada, 1.888.247.2262, for live flight arrival time (AC7002) or go to At the airport, please go to the Info Booth at the Arrivals on the main floor to check in. You will be taken to your child’s muster station and wait to be reunited with your child.

This is a No Smoking Day – absolutely no tobacco products allowed all day!


If you have any further questions before the Day of Flight, please call 204.941.2726.


3:00 AM Check-in of children, volunteers and media on the flight at Winnipeg International Airport. All children will receive a Dreams Take Flight t-shirt. Hand over any medicines for the day to the group leader who will ensure the medication is taken at the applicable times.
3:50 AM Groups, with all children present, will begin going through security and board the aircraft. The entire group must clear security together. Everyone must sit in assigned seats.
5:00 AM Flight departure – Once all of the children, volunteers, media & special guests are on board and seated, the plane departs.
9:45 AM Arrive at Orlando – Groups will deplane together from the forward and aft doors. The groups will be met by the Orlando volunteers. Groups board buses and leave for Disney World. Tickets are distributed.
10:30 AM Arrive at Disney World Gate Entrance and groups are off for their first ride!The children will visit Disney World in groups of 4-5 children; with a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children. Each group will explore the Magic Kingdom at their own pace. Food, drinks and lots of water will be provided.
4:30 PM Disney Parade on Main Street.
5:15 PM Time for the children to shop for gifts to take home. Each child is given money to spend. Canada Customs does not permit the volunteers to bring back items purchased.
7:30 PM All groups meet on Main Street at the flag pole. Teams re-board the bus they originally drove in.
8:00 PM Buses leave Disney World
8:45 PM Flight departure for Winnipeg. They are buckled into their seats and their treasures stowed away. Dinner is served on the flight home.
12:30 AM Arrival in Winnipeg. When the groups arrive in the terminal meeting area, where their families are waiting for them, they are each given a Bentley backpack filled with memorabilia to remind them of their trip.